IBM Datacap 9.0: Introduction (F220G)

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About This Course

This course is an entry level class that is a prerequisite for all other IBM Datacap 9.0 courses. You work with a fully functioning IBM Datacap system with IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Navigator also installed to practice the skills.

This course provides students with an understanding of the Datacap process, the architecture, and system components. It includes an introduction to the layout and functionality client user interfaces for configuring and processing document batches. There is also an overview of the changes that are implemented in the Datacap 9.0 release.

Course Audience Profile

This intermediate courss is for:

  • Anyone who needs to know the Datacap 9.0 architecture, development tools, and client user interface.
  • Administrators who are responsible for configuring and administering Datacap 9.0 system.
  • Application Builders who implement data capture solutions using the IBM Datacap software suite.

Course Pre-Requisites

You should have:

  • Familiarity with data capturing concepts
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems

At Course Completion

  • Identify the IBM Datacap configurations and components
  • Single system, Client/Server, Hybrid
  • Centralized and Decentralized


  • Describe the Datacap Capture process
  • Document Source, Document Transformation, Document Delivery
  • Work with the Datacap Desktop client
  • Create, process, and monitor document batches
  • Work with the Datacap Navigator interface
  • Operation, Monitor, and Administrator views
  • Create, process, and monitor document batches


Course Outline

Datacap overview

  • What is IBM Datacap?
  • The three process phases for capturing documents
  • Basic Steps in a Datacap application
  • Datacap Desktop Client
  • Capabilities overview
  • Datacap Desktop - Monitor view
  • Select applications and tasks, and apply filter in the Monitor view  
  • Datacap Navigator interface
  • Datacap Navigator architecture
  • Datacap View for the business users
  • Job Monitor
  • Architecture
  • Datacap components  
  • IBM Datacap on mobile
  • Deployment Configuration Options
  • Datacap Folders for Services and Client Code
  • Datacap.xml file  
  • Application Design
  • Implementation Guiding Principals
  • Steps to design an application
  • Analyze and define the requirements
  • Application development strategy
  • Sample Datacap Application

Application Wizard

  • Scan, upload, classify and verify batches
  • Datacap administrator view
  • User settings
  • Accessibility features of Datacap Navigator interface
  • Appendix
  • Changes to Datacap 9.0
  • Migrate from previous releases
  • Upgrade Software
  • Migrate Applications
  • Configure Application
  • Check for Deprecated actions and syntax
  • Datacap Web Client interface
  • Operations – task processing
  • Monitor- Job and task progress and Statistics
  • Administrator- Configuration for:
  • WorkFlows (Jobs and tasks )
  • Users and Groups
  • Privileges and permissions
  • Visual Studio interface
  • Visual Studio installation
  • Visual Studio output configuration
  • Verify panel creation
  • Verify view in Datacap Desktop
  • Toolbar icons