Managing a Project with Your Team (PM20)

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About this Course

“It’s the people – not the work – that cause most projects to fail.” Would you agree with that statement? Research focused on business and project failure does: multiple studies show that less than half of all organizational efforts fully fulfill their scope, schedule and budget requirements. And this failure is most often attributed not to lack of technical skill or experience but to lack of agreement between the people involved. The ability to reach consensus between project team members and stakeholders is a critical factor of an organization’s – and manager’s success. 

This two-day workshop is designed to help participants:

  • Identify project stakeholders and their expectations
  • Practice techniques to help stakeholders identify and agree upon project goals
  • Manage stakeholder expectations with effective communications techniques.

Audience Profile

This workshop will be of value to:

  • 1. Project managers
  • 2. Project team members
  • 3. Project stakeholders
  • 4. PMO managers
  • 5. Other organizational managers

At Course Completion

This two-day workshop is designed to introduce participants to proven techniques for helping project stakeholders (including project teams): 

  • Work together to identify and fulfill project goals
  • Identify and manage stakeholder expectations
  • Develop strategies for resolving stakeholder issues and concerns 

The workshop uses a case study throughout both days that provides the opportunity for participants to employ the skills and methods they are learning. The combination of participant activity and instructor presentation is designed to provide a rich learning experience that will enable participants to leave the workshop with skills they can immediately make use of on their own projects.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to the Workshop

Identification of workshop goals and schedule; requirements for participation, student introductions and expectations 

Module 2: Who Are the Stakeholders?

The role and importance of stakeholders (including project team members) to every project; stakeholder identification and analysis; creating a Stakeholder Register; using the Stakeholder Register in project planning 

Module 3: Identifying Stakeholder Expectations

Identifying and agreeing upon project goals; establishing business requirements; writing a Business Case 

Module 4: Clarifying Stakeholder Expectations

Techniques for determining specific stakeholder needs; creating a Stakeholder Requirements Work Plan; writing clear stakeholder requirements 

Module 5: Managing Stakeholder Expectations

The sender-receiver communications model; environmental barriers to communication; creating a workable Communications Plan; group cultural and individual barriers to communication; defining and practicing emotional intelligence; addressing stakeholder issues through negotiation 

Module 6: Workshop wrap-up

Concluding comments and questions, workshop evaluation Each day of this workshop will engage the participants in a day-long effort that, mixed with presentation of material, will require them to apply the concepts and tools they have learned to a real-life project problem.  

Participant Requirements 

This workshop is registered for 14 PDUs for those of you who are attempting to earn PDUs for renewal of your PMP® certification. As a result, the workshop will meet for seven hours each day, and participants must attend the full workshop to be granted the 14 PDUs.