Troubleshooting, Debugging and Tuning Oracle PL/SQL Programs (OR5470)

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About this Course

This fast-paced, hands-on course helps the student identify performance issues and problem areas within their PL/SQL code using various techniques and packages. Some of the topics covered include Profiling and Tracing, Debugging, Tuning and Exception Handling. These topics include details on the PL/SQL Optimizer, Subprogram Inlining, Subprogram Invocations, Bulk Binding, Pipelined Table Functions, Helpful Pragmas and Native Compilation and Execution of PL/SQL code. A number of useful Oracle supplied packages are covered including DBMS_PROFILER, DBMS_TRACE, DBMS_HPROF, DBMS_WARNING and DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE. Oracle versions 11g and 12c are covered.

Audience Profile

Developers and DBAs.

At Course Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • How to use the PL/SQL profiling and tracing features to pinpoint problems
  • PL/SQL debugging methods
  • The benefits of bulk binding and when to use this feature
  • Various techniques and methods to improve PL/SQL performance
  • Handling all types of program exceptions
  • How to use Oracle supplied packages to isolate performance problems


PL/SQL experience with stored procedures, functions and packages along with embedded SQL, explicit cursors, loop structures and basic exception handling.

Course Outline

  • Profiling, Tracing, Debugging Using Oracle Supplied Packages
  • PL/SQL Error and Exception Handling
  • Understanding the PL/SQL Optimizer
  • PL/SQL Performance Considerations
  • Using Bulk Binding for Performance
  • PL/SQL Compilation Options