AJAX in ASP.NET (NE2300)

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About this Course

AJAX allows for silent updates in the browser by having the AJAX component in the web page connect to the web server, download XML data and present it in the browser. This course covers the use of AJAX in ASP.NET web application. It starts out by a quick overview of the prerequisite Javascript, DOM, and XML technologies which is followed by an explanation of the key AJAX component called XmlHttpRequest. Some examples of developing useful AJAX enabled ASP.NET applications using plain XmlHttpRequest and Javacsript are presented. Then AJAX control toolkit is introduced and after explaining its architecture and the associated AJAX Javacript control library, several examples of using different controls in the AJAX control toolkit are presented. Communication of AJAX controls with data from web services is also covered. Finally, creating AJAX enabled web services and remote method calls in ASP.NET AJAX are described. Some examples of enhancing the AJAX control toolkit are also presented.

Audience Profile

Individuals wanting to gain a good understanding of developing AJAX enabled ASP.NET applications. The course is suitable for both managers with a technical orientation, as well as developers, both with some ASP.NET background.


Some background in web development using ASP.NET. Knowledge of C# language.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Background Technologies Needed with AJAX. Javascript, DOM, XML, CSS, and XSL
  • AJAX Fundamentals
  • AJAX Control Toolkit with ASP.NET – Control Library
  • AJAX Control Toolkit with ASP.NET - Controls
  • The AJAX Control Toolkit Extenders
  • Remote Method Calls with ASP.NET AJAX
  • Design of a Small AJAX ASP.NET Application