ISPF Dialog Programming (MF2025)

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About this Course

This course introduces students to the skills necessary to use ISPF Dialog Management Services in a z/OS environment. The students learn how to create the required user dialog libraries and implement DMS dialogs. Students will learn to design and code:

  • Dialog panels.
  • Help panels.
  • Dialog functions using REXX or CLIST.
  • Customized error messages.
  • Customized menus.
  • File tailoring skeletons.

Students will learn advanced techniques of ISPF Dialog Management Services (DMS), including how to:

  • ISPF Library Management Services
  • Use the ISPF Dialog Test Facility.
  • Create and process DMS tables (temporary and permanent).
  • Invoke Dialog Management Services from PL/1, COBOL, and FORTRAN programs.

A series of written and lab exercises will be used to reinforce the classroom education.

Audience Profile

Programmers, technical support personnel, and any others that have a need to develop ISPF/DMS dialogs.


Introduction to z/OS, or equivalent experience.

  • z/OS REXX Programming, or equivalent experience.
  • Basic MVS JCL, or equivalent experience.
  • TSO/ISPF, or equivalent experience.


Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Dialog Panels
  • Dialog Messages
  • Function Development (EXECs and CLISTs)
  • Dialog Variable Pools
  • Advanced Panel Development Topics
  • Dialog Menus
  • File Tailoring
  • Library Management Services
  • Dialog Tables
  • Dialog Function Programs