CompTIA Strata Fundamentals: IT Technology

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The CompTIA® Strata™ Fundamentals course is designed to help you prepare for the FC0-U41 exam. Attending this course and using this student guide will help you prepare for certification. You should also refer to the exam objectives to see how they map to the course content.

Course Description

Course Objective: You will set up, configure, maintain, troubleshoot, and perform preventative maintenance of the hardware, software, and security components of a basic personal computer workstation, including implementation of basic green IT practices.

Target Student: The CompTIA® Strata™ Fundamentals: IT Technology course is targeted towards students completing their secondary education, considering the pursuit of a CompTIA® A+™ certification, and/or advanced home users who wish to further their IT knowledge. The CompTIA® Strata™ Fundamentals: IT Technology exam is targeted to help professionals and students work efficiently in their current roles, or obtain the necessary skills to start off their career in information technology. It is ideal for: individuals who are not quite ready for CompTIA® A+™ certification, companies that need a degree of tech support but cannot afford a full technician, students who are taking a PC maintenance and repair course that could benefit from a recognized industry qualification, or individuals looking for a change in their career and want to get into the IT field.

Prerequisites: Basic end-user experience with personal computers and personal computer software is highly desirable.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Computers

Topic 1A: Computer Basics
Topic 1B: Components of a Personal Computer

Lesson 2: System Unit Components

Topic 2A: System Board Components
Topic 2B: Storage Devices

Lesson 3: Computer Peripherals

Topic 3A: Input Devices
Topic 3B: Display Devices
Topic 3C: External Devices

Lesson 4: Portable Computing Devices and Media Players

Topic 4A: Portable Computing Devices
Topic 4B: Media Players

Lesson 5: Setting Up a Basic PC Workstation

Topic 5A: Personal Computer Connection Methods
Topic 5B: Connect Display Devices
Topic 5C: Connect Input Devices
Topic 5D: Connect External Devices
Topic 5E: Start the Computer
Topic 5F: Configure the Operating System

Lesson 6: Working with Files and Folders

Topic 6A: Create a File
Topic 6B: Navigate Folders with Windows Explorer
Topic 6C: Manage Files and Folders
Topic 6D: Compress and Extract Files

Lesson 7: Working with Software

Topic 7A: Identify Installation Requirements
Topic 7B: Install Software

Lesson 8: Network Technologies

Topic 8A: Network Types
Topic 8B: Ethernet Technologies
Topic 8C: Wireless Networks

Lesson 9: Working with the Internet

Topic 9A: Information Networks
Topic 9B: Work with a Web Browser
Topic 9C: Internet Protocols
Topic 9D: Email Protocols
Topic 9E: Internet Addresses

Lesson 10: Personal Computer Security Concepts

Topic 10A: Social Engineering Attacks
Topic 10B: Malicious Software
Topic 10C: System Vulnerabilities
Topic 10D: Personal Computer Security Measures

Lesson 11: Identifying Risks in Upgrading Systems

Topic 11A: Identify Risks Associated with Upgrading Software
Topic 11B: Identify Risks Associated with Upgrading Hardware

Lesson 12: Preventative Maintenance Techniques

Topic 12A: Tools of the Trade
Topic 12B: Prevent Electrical Hazards
Topic 12C: Perform Preventative Maintenance

Lesson 13: Maintaining and Troubleshooting a Basic PC Workstation

Topic 13A: Back Up and Restore Data
Topic 13B: Operating System Utilities
Topic 13C: Troubleshoot Common Hardware and Software Issues

Lesson 14: Green IT

Topic 14A: Green Equipment
Topic 14B: Green Policies and Procedures
Topic 14C: Reuse and Dispose of Materials

Appendix A: Mapping Course Content to the CompTIA® Strata™ Fundamentals: IT Technology Exam ObjectivesAppendix B: CompTIA® Strata™ Fundamentals: IT Technology Acronyms