IBM Endpoint Manager 9 Content Development and Customization (TP433)

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About this Course

This course equips attendees with the tools to create and modify custom content for IBM Endpoint Manager. This course covers Endpoint Manager 9, and replaces all courses covering previous versions of the product.  The course utilizes IEM version 9.0 installed on a Windows 2008 64-bit server, a Windows 7 32-bit client, and a SuSE Enterprise Server version 10.  Please note that this course does not cover Session Relevance.

Audience Profile

This intermediate-level course is for IBM Endpoint Manager users who intend to create or modify custom content.

At Course Completion

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe how content is distributed
  • Describe the content development process
  • Describe the high-level components that are related to the content
  • Use the Fixlet Debugger to perform a Relevance query
  • Describe the relationship between objects, properties, and methods
  • Know how to use the property of an object construct
  • Know how to use the if / then / else construct
  • Know how to use the whose / it construct
  • Know how to use the whose without an it construct
  • Know basic Relevance objects and their properties
  • Work with the more common Relevance objects
  • Learn how to manipulate files
  • Understand the use of action scripts and tools for creating action scripts
  • Use various action script commands in numerous scenarios
  • Use various options available when creating action scripts


You should attend:

  • IBM Endpoint Manager 9 Platform Fundamentals course, or have equivalent experience. See course IBM Endpoint Manager 9 Platform Fundamentals (TOS51G) for details.


Course Outline

Unit 1 IBM Endpoint Manager Content

  • Lesson 1 Content development

Unit 2 Tools and Objects

  • Lesson 1 Using the Relevance tools
  • Lesson 2 Objects and properties

Unit 3 Basic Relevance

  • Lesson 1 Property of an object construct
  • Lesson 2 Developing queries with if-then-else constructs
  • Lesson 3 Using the whose-it construct
  • Lesson 4 The it without a whose construct

Unit 4 Common Objects

Unit 5 Fixlets and Tasks

  • Lesson 1 Properties and groups
  • Lesson 2 Action Script documentation and tools
  • Lesson 3 Basic action commands
  • Lesson 4 Creating custom content
  • Lesson 5 Actions for Windows only
  • Lesson 6 Using conditions
  • Lesson 7 Creating files
  • Lesson 8 Archiving files
  • Lesson 9 Downloading files