WebSphere MQ Application Programming in Java (MQ1021)

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About this Course

The course is designed to provide the skills necessary to understand the Application Programming Interface (API) provided by WebSphere MQ using Java. The basis for the course is the classes provided by the WebSphere MQ Java Client using Sun Java SDK at the current level.

The major areas of focus will provide an understanding of and usage for the various queue and message styles in the implementation of application systems. Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to create applications, which use the majority of the facilities found in WebSphere MQ. Some of the more advanced programming techniques will also be introduced in this class for initial student exploration. While not fully exercised within the course, the student will learn the general processing and consideration for recovery, signal or trigger messaging, using the command server and the function of the instrumentation facility.

The course begins with an overview of the key facilities that will be covered throughout the course plus some other related WebSphere MQ facilities. This includes a review of other of program-to-program facilities as they compare to WebSphere MQ. The majority of the application command discussions will be followed up by student exercises design to reinforce the knowledge obtained. Included in all topics will be discussions on the potential usage considerations in various situations.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for information systems personnel desiring to understand the writing of WebSphere MQ application programs using the Java classes. This includes both applications and systems development personnel and their management.

At Course Completion

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the key related features and facilities available within API.
  • Describe, explain and understand the various queue and message styles used in message queuing.
  • Describe, code and understand the functions provided by the commands for the majority of the API.
  • Understand the characteristics and basic design approaches for coding WebSphere MQ applications.
  • Gain a basic knowledge of the recovery, and system management facilities provided.
  • Gain a basic knowledge of some advanced message techniques provided by WebSphere.


It is highly recommended that students have obtained the knowledge and skills provided by classes or otherwise obtained for the following topics:

  • Attended the WebSphere MQ Introduction Course (or equivalent knowledge).
  • Introduction to Client/Server course (or equivalent knowledge)
  • Have at least 6 months to a year of application programming experience with Java
  • Have at least a general knowledge of operating system software and hardware platforms

Course Outline

  • Message Queuing Interface: Initial Design Considerations
  • Message Queuing Interface: Initial Design Considerations
  • Error Handling and Accessing Queues
  • Writing and Reading Messages
  • Other Message Retrieval Options
  • Reply and Report Message Options
  • Special Processing Classes and Options
  • Special Topics
  • Appendix A
  • Acronyms and Glossary
  • Appendix B
  • Reason Code Explanations
  • Appendix C
  • Structure Constants For Java