VBScript for QuickTest Professional Users (STQT-145)

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About this Course

This VBScript for QuickTest Professional Users course covers the VBScript programming language as it applies to programming automated tests in the QuickTest Professional environment.

Audience Profile

  • Quality assurance engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Power users

At Course Completion

Upon completion of the VBScript for QuickTest Professional Users course, students will be able to:

  • Program automated tests in the QTP environment


Knowledge of QuickTest Professional, programming knowledge an assets

Course Outline

1. Conditional Statement and Loops

  • If statements
  • While loop
  • Do-While loop
  • For loop
  • For Each loop

2. Variables and Arrays

  • Declaring variables and arrays
  • Type conversions
  • Date-time declarations


  • Two types of comments in VBScript

4. Dictionary Object

  • Uses of Associative Arrays
  • Regular Expression and Match Objects
  • Defining a Search Pattern
  • Using the Replace Method

5. Procedure Definitions

  • Defining functions and subroutines
  • Return values
  • Exit criteria

6. String Manipulation

  • Left, Right, Mid
  • Len
  • Split
  • LTrim and RTrim
  • Replace
  • StrComp