IBM System z Hardware Management Console HMC Operations (ES240)

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About this Course

This course teaches you navigation, operation, and recovery techniques for the Hardware Management Console (HMC) in the System z environment. Through lecture and hands-on exercises, you learn setup and operating procedures for the HMC, gain in-depth problem determination skills, practice HMC operations, and utilize recovery capabilities provided by the System z servers.

Audience Profile

This intermediate course is for operations personnel and technical staff who are directly involved in the installation, operation, systems support, and software support of their System z mainframe environment.

At Course Completion

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the zEnterprise 196 and 114, System z10, System z9, and zSeries servers
  • Describe the major differences of the function and features between the System z servers
  • Describe and explain the concept of logical partitioning
  • Identify how various resources are assigned to LPARs during initialization
  • Describe the functions provided by the HMC and SE
  • User interface styles, local and remote connectivity
  • Identify HMC home page to log on HMC application
  • Use the classic UI to:
    • Log on and log off
    • Open objects
    • Navigate the HMC workplace using various selection techniques
    • Exit a task on a window
    • View the online books and use the Help functions
    • Identify the different types of groups
      • CPC group, control hardware
      • Images group, control operating system
    • Build new CPC and images groups
    • Identify the contents of the Details window and determine object status
    • Identify the various task lists
  • Describe how exceptions are reported and presented on the HMC using the tree or classic UI
  • Use the HMC to determine the type and cause of the exception
  • Describe the three types of hardware messages that can surface on the HMC
  • Use the HMC to determine the cause of the hardware message
  • Retrieve the hardware messages from the log
  • Use the HMC Operating System Messages task to display and send messages to the operating system
  • Describe the functions that require the use of the access administrator ID
  • Use the HMC to perform access administrator related tasks
  • Describe the purpose, functions, and use of the different types of activation profiles
    • Reset profile
    • Image profile
    • Group profile
    • Load profile
  • Use the HMC to build new profiles, modify, view, or delete existing ones
  • Use the HMC to determine or change profile assignments Provide operational recommendations for HMC user settings
  • Use the HMC to perform:
    • A manual load operation
    • A system reset
    • Problem determination for a load failure
  • Invoke the system activity display and describe its purpose
  • Establish an HMC/SE session using the Single Object Operations task
  • Identify the difference between the HMC and SE workplace
  • Navigate using classic or tree UI to Identify CP, channel, and CHPID status for the physical CPC and all LPs
  • Identify the entry point for I/O and Channel Problem Determination panels
  • Log off from a CPC session


You should have an understanding of:

  • Basic data processing and I/O concepts and terminology
  • z/OS console operation, including display of device, job, and console status

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1: IBM mainframe server hardware: Overview
  • Unit 2: Using the HMC classic style user interface
  • Unit 3: Using the HMC tree style user interface
  • Unit 4: Using the HMC to monitor System z servers
  • Supporting labs

Day 2

  • Review
  • Unit 5: Activation profiles and operational tasks
  • Unit 6: Single object operation: CPC session Supporting labs