IBM Tealeaf 8.7 Customer Service Optimization (9F040)

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About this Course

IBM Tealeaf cxReveal empowers customer service representatives to resolve customer issues quickly and with enhanced insight by leveraging IBM Tealeaf's replay capability.

In the morning session of this class, customer service representatives will learn how to locate and review a customer session, proactively resolve the issue, and leverage IBM Tealeaf's extensive database of customer information for recovery purposes.

In the afternoon session, supervisors and escalation teams will learn how to use IBM Tealeaf to investigate the broader impact of website issues, as well as how to customize Tealeaf to support their teams' needs. Depending on their installation configuration, they may access built-in reports to monitor their teams' utilization of IBM Tealeaf (with cxView's dashboard capabilities).

Audience Profile

This basic course is specifically designed for new Tealeaf users who will use cxReveal to resolve customer issues and investigate escalated issues, and the supervisors who manage these teams.

At Course Completion

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of the IBM Tealeaf cxReveal tool to Customer Service Representatives, Tier II Support and the company's customers.
  • Determine the best methods to search for a customer session as well as appropriate situations to search and replay.
  • Use IBM Tealeaf to understand and validate an online customer issue.

Those participants taking the additional escalation and administration modules will:

  • Use IBM Tealeaf to research site issues.
  • Access and customize dashboards to track user activity.
  • Add and edit users and groups.
  • Customize search templates to enable your team to quickly identify the appropriate customer session.

Course Outline

  1. How IBM Tealeaf cxReveal helps customer service representatives identify and escalate customer issues
  2. Strategies to find and replay impacted visitor sessions
  3. How to configure search and session list templates to optimize response and resolution times.