IBM Tealeaf 8.7 Customer Experience Fundamentals (9F010)

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About this Course

IBM Tealeaf 8.7 is a suite of customer experience management solutions which analyze visitor interactions on websites and mobile devices to help organizations deliver an optimal digital experience.

In order to successfully implement Tealeaf, all stakeholders must have a good understanding of Tealeaf's core use cases, functionalities, and its potential for their business. This course enables users to identify their immediate and long term goals for Tealeaf usage and assign the appropriate resources to the adoption effort.

Audience Profile

This basic course is for anyone whose job responsibility includes managing Tealeaf deployment, support, usage, or who is interested in learning more about Tealeaf.

At Course Completion

You will understand the benefits of Tealeaf: providing real-time awareness of key metrics, and enabling the discovery of customer experience issues. These goals will be accomplished by:

  • Sharing the common uses for Tealeaf and their benefits.
  • Searching for and replaying sessions to discover and analyze customer experience issues.
  • Building reports to monitor issues and key metrics.


You should have:

  • Knowledge of online or mobile marketing, either from an administrative or analytical perspective

Course Outline

This overview begins with a demonstration of the most common use cases of Tealeaf: metrics awareness and issue discovery. Then, after a brief introduction to the Tealeaf product line and how it works, participants practice using Report Builder, which makes ad-hoc reports easy to create, and the Search and Replay tools which enable visibility into the online customer experience. Users will learn how to use Search and Replay to calculate the business impact analysis of website issues. Finally, a description of the Tealeaf Maturity Model reviews the uses and resources companies typically adopt as they gain familiarity with Tealeaf and learn to derive more value from it.