IBM Content Navigator 2.0.2: Customize and Extend the Features (F1200)

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About this Course

This course begins with the administrative tasks for IBM Content Navigator. The course then explores different options for customizing and extending the features of IBM Content Navigator including developing plug-ins.

Audience Profile

This course is for:

  • Developers who are responsible for
    • Customizing and extending the IBM Content Navigator features by developing plug-ins
    • Building a customized user interface and applications for IBM Content Navigator
  • Anyone who needs to know the capabilities of IBM Content Navigator.
  • Administrators who configure and customize IBM Content Navigator using the Administration desktop.

At Course Completion

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

Configure IBM Content Navigator

  • Define Repositories and Desktops
  • Run Cross-Repository Search for content
  • Create and Manage Teamspaces

Customize the Desktop Appearance

  • Create a Viewer Map
  • Modify Menus, Icons, and Labels
  • Customize a Desktop Banner and Login page

Implement External Data Services (EDS)

  • Prefill an initial value for a data field
  • Implement property field validation
  • Create dependent Choice Lists with sample EDS
  • Change the field status dynamically for a property

Develop custom plug-ins to do the following tasks:

  • Implement custom Response Filters
  • Add a custom Property Editor
  • Add a custom Feature
  • Add a custom Action

Create a Custom Workflow Step Processor

  • Develop and configure a custom step processor
  • Add external data services to step processor
  • Add an action to the custom step processor

Use Content Navigator widgets in other applications

  • Integrate Content Navigator with URL API

Extend IBM Content Navigator Solutions to Mobile Platform

Customize the IBM Content Navigator mobile sample (IBM Worklight project)


You should have:

  • Intermediate level expertise in the following technologies:
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • JSON
    • HyperText Markup Language (HTML 5)
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3)
    • Dojo (version 1.8.4)
  • Experience with Eclipse IDE for developing applications.
  • Familiarity with deploying applications in WebSphere Application Server.
  • Basic knowledge in the following technologies is recommended:
    • Dojo Mobile
    • Application development with IBM Worklight Studio
    • Apache Cordova API
  • Familiarity with Content and Business Process Management (workflow) concepts

It is Recommended that you have completed:

  • Getting Started with IBM Content Navigator 2.0 (WBT) (F205)
  • Introduction to Development with Dojo (00753761)

Course Outline

1. Configure IBM Content Navigator

  • IBM Content Navigator Architecture and Features
  • IBM Content Navigator Web Client Components and Administration Desktop
  • Connect to and Configure a Repository
  • Configure Desktops
  • Configure Content Navigator for workflows
  • Desktops and User Access
  • Migrate desktops
  • Text Search and Cross-Repository Search
  • Create and Manage teamspaces
  • Register a Plug-in

2. Customize a Desktop Appearance

  • Customize the Banner appearance and the login page
  • Customize Menus, Icons and labels
  • Viewer Maps

3. Implement External Data Services (EDS)

  • Request and response filters implemented in the sample EDS
  • External Data Services and EDS REST protocol
  • Create choice lists with External Data Service
  • Appendix: Steps to import the sample EDS into Eclipse

4. Develop Plug-ins

  • IBM Content Navigator development architecture
  • Develop applications with IBM Content Navigator
  • Setting up the development environment for plug-ins
  • IBM Content Navigator Plug-ins
  • IBM Content Navigator plug-in extensions
  • Request and response filters
  • Content List and Document information areas
  • Custom Property Editors
  • Add feature to IBM Content Navigator interface
  • Creating Client-side plug-in extensions
  • Develop a plug-in to add a menu action

5. Create a Custom Workflow Step Processor

  • Workflows in IBM Content Navigator
  • IBM Content Navigator step processors
  • Custom step processors
  • Add an Action to the Custom Step Processor (to use embedded viewer)

6. Use Content Navigator widgets in other applications

  • Externalize IBM Content Navigator widgets
  • Unbound integration
  • Externalize with URL API and Deep linking
  • Externalize with a custom Feature
  • Externalize with a custom Layout
  • Bound integration

7. Extend IBM Content Navigator Solutions to Mobile Platform

  • Mobile Development Options for IBM Content Navigator
  • Components of a Hybrid application
  • IBM Content Navigator Mobile Sample
  • IBM Worklight
  • IBM Content Navigator modeling library structure
  • Developing custom views for the mobile application

8. Appendix

  • Start and Stop System Components
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Develop ECM Widgets solutions in IBM Content Navigator
  • Additional Information and links