Customizing DOORS Using DXL V9.3 (QN118)

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About this Course

This course teaches the basic principles of writing and applying the IBM Rational DOORS extension language (DXL) to customize Rational DOORS.

Audience Profile

Experienced Rational DOORS users who want to customize Rational DOORS

At Course Completion

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Process projects, folders, modules, and objects
  • Process traceability
  • Process history
  • Process access rights
  • Process views and view settings
  • Create customized Attribute and Layout DXL
  • Create customized Rational DOORS menus
  • Develop user interfaces


You should have:

  • Previous knowledge of structured procedural programming, preferably in C
  • Proficiency in Rational DOORS


Course Outline

  1. DXL Fundamentals

  2. Rational DOORS Architecture

  3. Reporting Information

  4. File Input/Output (I/O) Operations

  5. Rational DOORS Dialog Boxes

  6. History, Discussions, and Access

  7. DXL Libraries

  8. Rational DOORS Menus

  9. Advanced DXL