IBM Datacap Taskmaster 8.1: Configuration and Implementation (F1680)

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About this Course

This course is for those whose job includes responsibility for implementing and configuring data capture solutions using the IBM Datacap Taskmaster software suite. You will work with a fully functioning IBM FileNet P8 system with IBM Datacap Taskmaster installed to practice the skills required to implement and configure data capture solutions.

Audience Profile

This intermediate course is for anyone who needs to implement or configure data capture applications using IBM Datacap Taskmaster solution.

At Course Completion

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to implement and configure an IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture solution.


Familiarity with the following is helpful but not required:

  • Basic structured and object-oriented programming concepts
  • XML

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to IBM Datacap Taskmaster features
  2. Changes for Datacap Taskmaster 8.1
  3. IBM Datacap Taskmaster architecture
  4. IBM Datacap Taskmaster overview
  5. Taskmaster workflow, databases, rules, actions, data structure
  6. Business scenario
  7. Create an application
  8. The application folder structure
  9. Taskmaster Application Manager user interface
  10. Datacap Studio user interface
  11. Client interfaces for TMWeb client, FastDoc, DotScan, DotEdit
  12. Image acquisition
  13. VScan task
  14. Image enhancement
  15. Page identification
  16. Page identification methods
  17. Page identification rules and actions
  18. Data recognition
  19. Bar codes
  20. OCR (optical character recognition)
  21. ICR (intelligent character recognition)
  22. OMR (optical mark recognition)
  23. Data validation
  24. Data range
  25. Field format
  26. Valid dates
  27. Accuracy of calculations such as totals, tax, and so on
  28. Presence of required fields
  29. Document verification
  30. DotEdit
  31. Microsoft Visual Studio
  32. Document export to corporate data repository
  33. Data capture process enhancement
  34. VScan advanced tasks
  35. Fingerprinting
  36. Set up zones
  37. Locate fields and attach rules
  38. Add a new page
  39. Add a multi-page document
  40. Database access skills for data lookup to validate corporate data and to locate fingerprint definitions.