DB2 11 for z/OS Transition – What Administrators Need to Know (DB2110)

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About this Course

This workshop will prepare you to support the migration to DB2 11 and exploit the new features. The course begins with an overview of the migration process and helps you understand what you need to do in order to be ready. You will then consider many of the most popular new features and be able to exploit and support them in your environment.

Audience Profile

Database Administrators and System Administrators that will be performing or supporting a migration from DB2 10 to DB2 11 for z/OS.


Significant administration experience on a previous release of DB2 for z/OS.

Course Outline

1. Introduction

  • Overview of the Release
  • Breaking old Limitations
  • High Availability

2. Migration Considerations

  • Overview of the Migration Process
  • DB2 11 Prerequisites
  • zParm Changes
  • Release Incompatibilities
  • Control of Application Compatibility

3. Scalability Enhancements

  • Expanded RBA
  • Open Dataset Limits
  • Not Logged Global Temp Tables

4. Schema Enhancements

  • Drop Columns
  • Defer Define Enhancements
  • Availability During Altering of Limitkeys
  • Recovery of Altered Objects
  • Bind / Rebind / DDL Break-in

5. Utility Enhancements

  • Reduced need for Reorg
  • Online Reorg Enhancements
  • Statistics Enhancements
  • Compression Dictionary and Change Data Capture

6. Performance

  • Additional predicate re-writes
  • Identification of Helpful Statistics

7. Application Features

  • Global Variable Support
  • ROLLUP and CUBE Suppot
  • Temporal Table Views
  • SQL PL Enhancements
  • XML Enhancements