VMware vCenter Operations Manager: Advanced Usage and Dashboard Design (VCOM1)

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About this Course

This training course focuses on the advanced capabilities of VMware® vCenterTM Operations ManagerTM 5.6, such as adapters, customization and management topics. You will learn how to use adapters, define custom super metrics, customize dashboards, and use the Custom user interface. The course is based on vCenter Operations Manager 5.6, and integration with VMware® vSphere® 5.1, VMware vCloud Director® 5.1, and VMware® vFabricTM Hyperic®.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for experienced system administrators, system integrators, Architects, professional and expert level VMware staff.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the capabilities of adapters, their use cases, availability, and installation
  • Describe super metrics, attributes, and attribute packages as well as object tagging
  • Manage user access to the VMware vCenter Operations Manager Custom UI
  • Work with smart alerts and custom alert notification
  • Use custom dashboards to build specific views for operations and application monitoring

Course Outline

Module 1 Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course goals and objectives

Module 2: vCenter Operations Manager Advanced Architecture

  • Introduce vCenter Operations Manager architecture
  •  Explain sizing guidelines
  •   Describe vCenter Operations Manager availability and backup

Module 3: Advanced Capacity Planning

  • Examine planning models
  • Define policy management

Module 4: Adapters for Data Collection

  • Understand adapters
  • Identify available adapters
  • Install and configure adapters
  • Troubleshoot adapters

Module 5: Applications, Groups, and Tags

  • Introduce the application design concept in vCenter Operations Manager
  • Configure and use attribute packages and KPIs
  • Create tags and groups

Module 6: Metrics, Super Metrics, KPI, and Attribute Packaging

  • Understand data collection
  • Describe super metrics

Module 7: Dashboards

  • Introduce custom dashboards
  • Manage Widgets
  • Manage interactions
  • Manage templates

Module 8: Smart Alerts and Custom Alerts

  • Work with and troubleshoot alerts
  • Configure alertn notifications

Module 9: Report Customization

  • Introduce custom reports
  • Understand data sources and report structure
  • Manage custom reports

Module 10: User and Role Management

  • Manage user and role permissions for the vSphere UI
  • Manage user and group permissions for the custom UI

Module 11: Troubleshooting

  • Identify the basic troubleshooting workflows
  • Understand Self Info and self-monitoring of vCenter Operations Manager
  • Examine the Support Page in the Custom UI