IBM Cognos TM1: Design and Develop Models V10.1 (P8152)

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About this Course

IBM Cognos TM1: Design and Develop Models (V10.1) is an intermediate 5-day instructor-led course. This offering will teach modelers how to build a complete model in TM1. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to model, link and deploy TM1 applications.


You should have:

  • IBM Cognos TM1: Interact with Data (V10.1) (Recommended)
  • Basic knowledge of OLAP and TM1
  • Significant experience with Excel spreadsheets (functions, macros, etc.)
  • Understanding of the metrics and drivers of your business

Course Outline

1. Overview of IBM Cognos TM1

  • explore IBM Cognos TM1 applications
  • explore the IBM Cognos TM1 environment
  • manage and organize a model

2. Identify Common Data Structures

  • discuss Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • examine core model design principles
  • identify the basic tasks required to create a TM1 model and deploy it

3. Import Data to Create Objects

  • discuss guided import
  • import data to create a dimension
  • import data to create and populate a cube

4. Create and Customize Dimensions

  • create dimensions manually
  • import and edit dimensions
  • create dimension calculations

5. Create and Customize Cubes

  • construct a new cube
  • discuss cube properties
  • edit a cube structure

6. Import Data

  • create processes to load data
  • create a process to delete data in a cube
  • create processes to update and maintain the model

7. Share Data Across Cubes with Links

  • discuss and list types of links
  • create and modify links
  • review rule and process based links

8. Customize Business Rules

  • discuss a rule
  • review automatically generated rules
  • discuss and re-order rule blocks

9. Optimize Rule Performance

  • discuss consolidations and sparsity
  • enhance consolidation performance
  • modify automatically generated statements

10. Complete the Income Statement Model

  • discuss the model development process
  • complete objects for the model
  • review tools to aid in model development

11. Create Applications

  • explain the application types
  • access an IBM Cognos TM1 application
  • create a new application

12. Use Advanced Modeling Techniques

  • Use dimension functions
  • Implement moving balances in a cube

13. Model Data with IBM Cognos TM1 Architect

  • Define drill-thru
  • Use Rules Tracer

14. Convert Currencies

  • Discuss currency challenges
  • Model data for currency conversion

15. Contribute Data to Planning Applications (Optional)

16. Integrate with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (Optional)

17. Optimize and Tune Models (Optional)

18. Define Workflow (Optional)