InfoPath (MA-1086)

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About this Course

This two-day, instructor-led course provides the knowledge necessary to effectively collect information from users using InfoPath 2010.

Audience Profile

The audience for this course is anyone who needs to collect data from user’s using forms created in InfoPath.

Course Content

During this course, students will cover:

  • An introduction to InfoPath and XML
  • Specifics on creating and publishing InfoPath forms as well as editing, formatting and protecting a form
  • Prepares users to create forms for the collection of data within Sharepoint using InfoPath 2010
  • Creating and printing forms as well performing advanced features with forms such as importing forms and using form templates

Course Outline

Microsoft InfoPath Designer:

Lesson 1:

  • How to manage form files.
  • How to create a basic form with text and controls.
  • How to get help in the program.
  • A brief primer on XML is also included.

Lesson 2:

  • Creating a basic form
  • Form templates and template parts
  • Creating, modifying, and formatting tables, which are used to organize a form

Lesson 3:

  • Creating a basic form
  • Various text formatting tools will be covered
  • Create sections and scrolling regions
  • Advanced control tasks such as setting a default value and formatting controls

Lesson 4:

  • Information on InfoPath Filler
  • Designer's companion program
  • Set global form options
  • Prepare a form for sharing
  • Print their form


Lesson 5:

  • How to link a form to a data source
  • XML schemas are explained
  • Resource files
  • Web service links
  • SharePoint data
  • Databases
  • XML files
  • Manage data connections
  • Use the Fields task pane
  • Work with data bindings
  • Change control properties and types
  • Manage fields

Lesson 6:

  • Creating advanced form parts
  • Template parts
  • Object controls
  • Repeating controls
  • Master/detail controls
  • Choice groups


Lesson 7:

  • Rule creation and management
  • Including form load
  • Validation
  • Formatting
  • Action rules
  • Rule Inspector

Lesson 8:

  • Using InfoPath Designer with SharePoint Server 2010
  • How to publish forms to SharePoint
  • Create SharePoint views
  • Use SharePoint form tools
  • Use SharePoint data in InfoPath
  • Create and manage workflows